Snowfall Cast and Character Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The critically acclaimed Snowfall TV show that has taken the world by storm due to its compelling story, captivating characters, and extraordinary performances. In the 1980s, during the crack cocaine epidemic, the show garnered high praise and a dedicated fan base in Los Angeles. In this extensive guide, we’ll take you into the realm of Snowfall and introduce you to the incredible Snowfall cast as well as their memorable characters.

Damson Idris – Franklin Saint

The central character in Snowfall lies Franklin Saint, portrayed by the extremely gifted Damson Idris. Franklin is an aspiring young street-savvy entrepreneur who gets caught up in the rapidly growing drug trade. His transformation from a drug dealer of a modest stature to a mighty actor in the criminal underworld is the main focus of the show. Damson Idris’ portrayal of Franklin Saint has earned him an immense amount of praise and recognition from both critics and fans alike.

Teddy McDonald – Carter Hudson

Carter Hudson brings Teddy McDonald to life as an CIA agent with an ambiguous life. Teddy’s personality is complex because he has to balance his secret activities for the government along with being involved in illicit drug trade. Carter Hudson’s enthralling performance gives depth to this mystery-filled character and makes Teddy an fascinating characters within the Snowfall cast.

Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata – Sergio Peris-Mencheta

Sergio Peris Mencheta assumes the character in the role of Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata. A luchador who is now an enforcer of an imposing Mexican drug cartel. El Oso’s personality is defined by his loyalty, determination as well as the moral dilemmas. He has to face in the harsh market of trafficking drugs. Sergio Peris Mencheta’s portrayal of the character gives a sense of authenticity and intensity The Snowfall cast.

Lucia Villanueva – Emily Rios

Emily Rios embodies Lucia Villanueva an ambitious and determined woman who aims to build the drug kingdom of her dreams. Her character’s transformation from an unassuming college student to a brutal drug businessman is an example of Rios’s acting skills. Lucia’s inclusion on the Snowfall cast provides a solid feminine perspective on the show.

Aunt Louie – Angela Lewis

Angela Lewis plays Aunt Louie Aunt Louie, Franklin Saint’s fiercely secure aunt. Her character offers emotional support and direction to Franklin when he is navigating the dangerous world of drug trading. The performance of Angela Lewis as Aunt Louie gives warmth and depth to the Snowfall ensemble.

Jerome Saint – Amin Joseph

Amin Joseph is portrayed in the character as Jerome Saint, Franklin’s uncle and a minor weed dealer. Jerome’s character goes through a significant transformation as he gets more involved in the illicit drug trade. Amin Joseph’s performance reveals the complexity of Jerome’s story and makes Jerome an unforgettable member of the Snowfall cast.

Leon Simmons – Isaiah John

Isaiah John portrays Leon Simmons who was Franklin’s childhood friend and confidant. Leon’s character plays a key part in Franklin’s rise to the world of drugs and his undying dedication to Franklin is put on be tested throughout the show. The performance of Isaiah John as Leon gives authenticity to the relationships depicted in The Snowfall cast.


In the end, Snowfall is a compelling TV show that draws viewers by its captivating story telling and enthralling characters. The skilled Snowfall cast, which includes Damson Idris Carter Hudson, Sergio Peris-Mencheta Emily Rios, Angela Lewis, Amin Joseph, and Isaiah John, brings the 1980s’ world of Los Angeles to life with their outstanding performances. As the series continues develop, the characters will surely encounter new challenges and go through more development. This will keep viewers on the edge of their seats for every episode.

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